Blockchain and Fairness in Gambling: How Distributed Ledger Technology is Transforming the Industry

by CryptoCubes 31 января 2023
The topic of cryptocurrency attracts the attention of a huge number of people. Many see it as a quick way…

WEB 2.0 Internet has many tools that allow cunning founders of gaming platforms to deceive users. Players, on the other hand, are almost defenseless facing the total control of the online game platform owners. Today, let’s find out if blockchain will change the “rules of the game”.

Will blockchain clean the whiff of scams from the gambling segment?

The desire to get enormous results in a short time without investing any effort is an obsession that has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. For this reason gambling, betting, and contests with cash prizes are so popular.

The owners of betting and gambling platforms have learned how to use the gamblers’ excitement for profit. Tuning slot machines, match-fixing, lucky, for the “house”, cards dealt, “fair” refereeing — these are tricks that nullify a player’s chances of winning. But even in the rare case where someone wins, there is no guarantee that the platform will pay. Blocking of accounts under false pretenses occurs with unfortunate frequency for the players.

All that we mentioned above — is a consequence of the unlimited power of the game site creators. The possibility to adjust the rules and neglect the players’ rights makes the gambling business extremely profitable for the owners, but the segment is labeled as a SCAM for a long time.

Centralized control of gaming processes, manipulation of results, and the need to trust are the main problems of the gambling segment, that could be solved by using blockchain technology. Considering the peculiarities of the decentralized network structure, the transfer of gambling processes and financial transactions to the blockchain will make gambling and betting transparent, both for players and founders.

Jumping to WEB 3.0 platforms: benefits for players

Gaming WEB 2.0 sites have reached their peak and without a restructuring on the “rails” of fairness with the help of technology, future development will not happen. Users see and understand that the creators of today’s gambling are willing to do anything to take the player’s money. But with the advent of WEB 3.0 Internet, to do this will be impossible, and the players will receive the following opportunities and benefits:

Everyone will get to make decisions. Decentralized applications that issue and distribute their tokens are not controlled by the developers or founders. Anyone with project tokens can participate in votes and directly influence the further development of the platform.

Trust in the platform is not needed anymore. Projects deployed on blockchain operate based on smart contracts. This allows a human to be taken out of the decision-making processes, thus giving the highest level of fairness to the game.

Network security. A large-scale, globally distributed network of nodes allows for a significant boost in security and resistance to hacking. At the moment, there are no computers with enough calculation power to hack the top blockchains.

The option to stay incognito. WEB 2.0 applications do not allow users to play for money without registering and providing information about them. To create an account on a gambling platform or make a bet, you will have to provide personal information. Decentralized platforms require only one thing: connecting a cryptocurrency wallet.


People for whom gambling is the meaning of life will continue to gamble despite losing because of the gambling site’s founders’ tricks. None of the technologies will change that, and blockchain is no exception. What blockchain can do, though, is make the game more transparent and fair!

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